Marian Pasquale

senior research scientist
tel: 617-618-2417

Marian M. Pasquale is a Senior Research Scientist at EDC's Center for Children and Technology. Her work focuses on professional development, technical assistance, and curriculum development. She is currently the science specialist on both the IES-funded Possible Worlds project and the NSF-funded Advancing Biology Education for Online Professional Development (ABE-NY). She is a co-principal investigator on the NSF-funded Elementary Science Specialists and Classroom Generalists. Marian was also a co-principal investigator of the Middle-Grades Science Mentoring Program and the Math and Science Partnership project, two NSF-funded initiatives to decrease the attrition of science teachers of early adolescent students. She designed and conducted mentor teacher institutes on physical, life, and earth sciences and on mentoring strategies, and conducted on-site classroom observations and study groups for mentor teachers.

Marian was the middle-school team leader on the Center for Urban Science Education Reform (CUSER) project and on the EDC K-12 Science Curriculum Dissemination Center. She has done presentations on middle-school science at NSTA, MSA, NSDC, WNET Celebration of Learning, and the Urban NMSA. She was a consultant to and participant in WNET's interactive workshop series Learning Science through Inquiry. She has provided staff development and technical assistance to many school districts engaged in systemic reform of science education, including Cambridge, MA; New York City; Cleveland, OH; Fort Wayne, IN; Portsmouth and Barrington, NH; Syracuse, NY; Rutland, VT; Portland, OR; South Bend, IN; Tucson, AZ; Jackson, MS; York, PA; Orange County, FL; Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico; and a collaborative of school districts in southeastern New Hampshire.

Marian was a senior curriculum writer for the Insights high school biology curriculum, and is a professional development specialist for the Foundations Science high school science curriculum. She is the co-author of Making Science Mentors: A 10-Session Guide for Middle Grades, as well as Guiding Curriculum Decisions for Middle-Grades Science, "Providing School and District-Level Support for Science Education Reform" in Science Educators, and "Confusing Content with Curriculum" in Perspectives.

Marian has a bachelor's degree from Emmanuel College and a M.Ed in Curriculum, Instruction and Administration from Boston College.