Sarah Rutter

tel: 212-807-4228
fax: 212-633-8804

Sarah Rutter came to CCT after working closely with Dr. Margaret Clements on her project, "Predicting Life Satisfaction in the Disabled: Evaluating Three Current Models," running a regression analysis on preexisting data to examine the relationship between disability and quality of life. At CCT, Sarah assists with statistics and data management on projects ranging from program evaluation to research, including the study "Digital Games as Analogical Sources for Science Learning." She also is studying for a master's degree in psychology at New York University, and has an internship with Dr. Erin Hazlett at Mt. Sinai's Mood and Personality Disorders Laboratory. She is interested in issues of stigma, social justice, and equal access to academic environments, and would like to go on to study depression in individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Sarah earned a BA in psychology from Temple University, where she worked as a Jumpstart Corps Member and as an undergraduate research assistant in the Temple Infant and Child Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek.