Katherine Culp

principal research scientist

tel: 212-807-4212
fax: 212-633-8804

Katherine McMillan Culp, principal research scientist, is a developmental psychologist who has been studying innovative programs to improve the quality of technology use in K–12 classrooms and informal educational settings since 1991.

Dr. Culp is the Principal Investigator of Possible Worldsan IES-funded Research and Development Center on Instructional Technology. The Possible Worlds team has developed digital games to support middle-grades science learning, and has conducted a series of research studies to better understand how games can be structured to support conceptual learning and engagement with complex scientific concepts. She also is co-Principal Investigator, with Wendy Martin, on an NSF-funded project that builds on Possible Worlds research to investigate how representational choices made in the design of digital games for learning influence student engagement with core science concepts.

Dr. Culp also is a senior research advisor for the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Northeast and Islands, where she contributes to the lab's efforts to translate rigorous research into usable knowledge for policymakers and practitioners.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Culp has directed a series of research and development initiatives and program evaluations, primarily focused on middle-grade students’ science learning. In addition, she has conducted qualitative studies of technology integration at both the classroom and district levels, including one of the earliest studies of laptop computer use.

Dr. Culp joined CCT as an administrative assistant in 1990. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Amherst College (1988), holds a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University (1999), and has two fabulous children.





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