Terri Meade

senior research associate

tel: (212) 807-4211
fax: (212) 633-8804

Since 1990 when she served as a Center for Children and Technology Ford Fellow, Terri Meade has provided design and curriculum support for a variety of science, mathematics and technology projects, including those that explore the worlds of computational literacy, design and invention, and gender and equity. Currently, as a senior researcher, Ms. Meade's projects seek to identify cultural elements of mathematical thought as well as stitch together art, science and number so that learners may make personal connections as they learn. Drawing on years of experience as a classroom teacher, where she worked with a range of ages, grades and subject areas, her projects have been and continue to be equally diverse: she helps design and develop formative research aimed at promoting and supporting the development of new ideas and innovative materials; she coordinates ideas and materials with relevant digital resources that help prepare and support educators in formal (e.g., schools) and informal (e.g., libraries) settings; she supports professional developers who in turn support educators and trainers of adults mentoring children online; and she conducts summative research and program evaluation projects that identify, analyze and reflect on the processes, products and resources contributing to the life of a project or program.

When Ms. Meade is not exploring how technology can support young people's learning, she applies her knowledge of design and patternmaking to constructing women's clothing.