Maggie Scalli

tel: 212-807-4238
fax: 212-633-8804

Maggie currently works on the Ready To Learn Initiative. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the project develops trans-media materials with the goal of helping low-income students build early math and literacy skills and increase school readiness.

Since joining CCT, Maggie has also managed recruitment and data collection on studies of digital games for the classroom, and has conducted research around innovative professional learning resources for New York City teachers. She also has conducted numerous classroom observations and interviews with educators and students on projects seeking to develop technological fluency among underrepresented minority youth, as well as investigating the impact of a collaborative writing tool on students' nonfiction science-writing skills.

Before joining CCT, Maggie was a kindergarten and creative writing teacher in South Korea.Maggie holds a B.A in English Literature & Rhetoric and Sociocultural Anthropology from Binghamton University.