Advancing Dual Language Learners Learning with Educational Technology
2017 - 2019

This project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will address the need to identify and test high-quality resources that can support early childhood educators in promoting dual language learners’ academic success. We will conduct two phases of work to search for promising digital resources for early literacy learners, and then pilot them in preschool classrooms.

This work will address two issues faced by educators generally, and by early childhood educators concerned with early literacy development and dual language learners specifically. First is the issue faced by educators who are often on their own when it comes to selecting resources for use in their classrooms; second is the general need within the early learning community for studies looking at how various promising digital resources may affect children’s learning.

In our search, we will build on existing work done by others to systematically and practically review and rate digital resources targeting early literacy learners. This review process will be developed and used by project staff as they conduct a scan of the field of early literacy resources, and then select one or more promising resources for inclusion in a pilot study. Findings from these two activities will be made available to early childhood educators to help them make informed and guided selections of resources to support children who are dual language learners.


Pilar Carmina Gonzalez
Lucy Nelson