Context Studies

Gaming Study (2012)

PBS KIDS Transmedia Suites Gaming Study (2012) explored student engagement in transmedia gaming by examining contexts of use and analyzing patterns of use during gameplay by children.

Home Study (2012)

Use of Technology and PBS KIDS Transmedia in the Home Environment (2012). This context study examined patterns of media and technology use in the homes of low-income families who were supplied with a laptop, a tablet computer, and a guide to PBS KIDS transmedia content.

Preschool Parents & Technology Survey (2012)

Preschool Parents and Caregivers Use of Technology (2012) surveyed parents of preschool children who participated in our mathematics-content pilot study to gain a better understanding of their attitudes toward technology and transmedia use at home in classrooms.

Preschool Pilot Study (2012)

Preschool Pilot Study of PBS KIDS Transmedia Mathematics Content (2012) allowed us to develop and test curricula supplements and teacher professional development programs and to produce research design ands and instrumentation in preparation for the 2013 preschool randomized controlled trial.

Station Study (2012)

Transmedia Demonstration Station Study (2012). The purpose of this context study was to better understand how public media organizations are implementing educational outreach activities in their communities, using PBS KIDS transmedia content.

Context Studies (2011)

The Year One Context Studies (2011) provide a picture of how preschool and outside-of-school educators use new and emerging digital platforms to support math and literacy learning.