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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The first significant collection of research in the emerging field of culture, learning, and technology (CLT) has been published by Routledge and features a chapter co-written by CCT's Dr. Jim Diamond. Culture, Learning, and Technology: Research and Practice presents an overview of the research and introduces the concept of culture-related theoretical frameworks. 

In the chapter "iDESIGN: Designing and Implementing a Culturally Relevant Game-Based Curriculum," Dr. Diamond and his coauthor, Dr. Roberto Joseph of Hofsta University, discuss their collaborative NSF-funded research and development effort in New York-area public secondary schools. The project sought to develop technological fluency and to raise interest in STEM-related activities and careers among underrepresented minority youth by supporting them in the creation of interactive, "serious" computer games that were culturally and socially relevant.