Partner With Us

For over 40 years, the Center for Children and Technology (CCT) at Education Development Center, Inc. has been at the forefront of creating and researching new ways to support teaching and learning.


Our staff include developmental psychologists, research methodologists, former teachers, and software designers who develop, implement, and evaluate digital media. We design and execute research that

  • meets the highest technical standards,
  • reflects our deep engagement with the realities and complexities of educational practice, and
  • recognizes the demands of commercial software development cycles.

In addition to partnerships with educational organizations, we work directly with private companies, foundations, and governmental entities to assist with the design, development, and evaluation of educational technology. From rapid-cycle evaluations to large randomized control trials, our research answers important questions about program design, implementation, and impact. We are committed to ensuring that innovation serves all kinds of learners.

For more information about how we can work together with you to identify usable educational technology, assist with your evidence-based decision making, or demonstrate real-world impact of the tools and programs you develop, email us at or call 212-807-4200.