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Connected Science Learning & Urban Environmental Science

Monday, January 22, 2018

Connected Science Learning, a journal of the National Science Teachers Association, has published a research brief on EDC|CCT's work in research and development of a set of resources to help urban children ages 6–9 in low-income families explore environmental science. The Plum Landing Explore Outdoors Toolkit is a set of free, public media resources designed to help parents and informal educators bring science learning into outdoor recreation. The three-year project, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, involved developers from public media producer WGBH, researchers from EDC|CCT, and after-school programs throughout the United States. 

The hands-on and digital resources in the Toolkit were created, tested, refined, and then piloted in a variety of informal learning programs. Our research showed that the Toolkit could be implemented successfully in a variety of settings and could foster children's learning in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Click here to read the CSL research brief. 
Click here for a link to a description of the Plum Rx project.