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Dr. Jan Hawkins, 47, an Expert On Using Computers in Schools

Sunday, February 21, 1999

Quote: Dr. Hawkins established her reputation through her work as director of the Center for Children and Technology, an agency founded in 1981 by the Bank Street College of Education in New York. Dr. Hawkins joined the group that year, long before computers had become an integral part of education. In her first studies during the early 1980's, she showed that children, especially girls, used computers in sociable and collaborative ways, not in isolation as critics had feared, said Dr. Margaret Honey, a longtime colleague of Dr. Hawkins's at the center. In 1994, the Center for Children and Technology became a division of the Education Development Center, based in Newton, Mass. Dr. Hawkins became a vice president of that association, which, like the Center for Children and Technology, is a nonprofit research and development group financed by grants and contracts with foundations and government institutions.