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The Gamers Get It

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr. William Tally discusses the games "For Crown and Colony" and "Flight to Freedom," the first two "missions" in the Mission US online game, with writer Ethan Gach on the Nightmare Mode website (Nightmare Mode is a collective of writers around the world who write critically about games and their place in cultural consciousness.)

Gach compares Mission US very favorably to some other "educational" videogames. As Dr. Tally explains, "The learning only happens with the reflection and interaction with others around the game experience, and historians' questions: How was this conflict experienced by people living then? What really caused this to happen, what really was the consequence? How do we know-what evidence is good evidence, and what not? Why does this matter to us today?" These are questions that Mission US helps students answer for themselves.

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