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Google Code Next Launches Website

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Since 2015 EDC|CCT has partnered with Google to evaluate their Code Next program (formerly known as CS Edge). The Code Next program seeks to develop the next generation of Black and Latinx computer scientists and engineers, by working both with individual students and with community organizations to increase the number of Black and Latinx youth who become computer scientists, engineers, programmers, and digital entrepreneurs or digital makers in the future. 

Student participants in the program engage in computer science both by exploring and learning about computers, coding, and computer science careers and by expanding their tech world social capital through mentorship experiences with Google staffers. Through these activities, Code Next will increase opportunities and exposure for even more youth who are interested in tech.

The evaluation, led by Dr. Daniel Light, a research scientist at EDC|CCT, has been providing Google with ongoing feedback about the participants, the curricula, and the program to help the Code Next team adapt, and modify the program as needed. In addition, the evaluation is also designed to help the Google Code Next team develop a strong model that can be shared with other organizations working with Black and Latinx communities to further help expand the number of computer scientists from diverse communities in society.

To visit the Code Next website, click here.