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Inside School Research Highlights Online Algebra Study

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Education Week's "Inside School Research" blog reported on the Online Algebra Study and summarized the findings: 8th-graders taking an online algebra course performed better in algebra testing and were nearly twice as likely to take rigorous math courses by 10th grade as were students who had access only to general 8th-grade math.

CCT's Dr. Peggy Clements, co-PI of the project and co-author of the report, described the importance of the structure and administration of the course to "Inside School Research." The Online Algebra Study highlights the potential benefits of providing students with online classes not otherwise available in their schools.

Read the "Inside School Research" article here.

The piece was later reprinted in Education Week's "Spotlight" feature.

Read or download the entire study, "Access to Algebra I: The Effects of Online Mathematics for Grade 8 Students" here.