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Instant Read on Reading, in Palms of Their Hands

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Excerpt from the article including quote: Naomi Hupert, a senior research associate with the Boston-based Education Development Center, which is evaluating New Mexico's Reading First program, said the approach lets teachers collect and instantly access their own data without feeling they are just "administering something that was supposed to be sent off to the state or the district."

"The greatest advantage we see," Ms. Hupert said, "is that teachers, for the first time, felt like the data was for their own purpose."


But the biggest change, according to teachers and principals, may be the responsibility that educators now feel for students other than their own. "It becomes a way of creating a community," observed Ms. Hupert of the Education Development Center, "where there's a sense that every student's reading development is the responsibility of every teacher."

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