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Let's Help Curious Kids Learn Science

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In a commentary titled "Children are Naturally Curious About Science. Why Don't We Nurture That?" in the latest issue of Education Week, senior research scientist Naomi Hupert reviews recent research by EDC and SRI International, and by Michigan State University. The studies indicate that parents of young children do not feel confident supporting their children's science learning, and that teachers lack the knowledge to support it.

Hupert asks, "Is this situation different from that of past generations of children, parents, and teachers? After listening closely to what parents had to say, I believe it is. We have created a slowly escalating science crisis in this country through narrow education policy, limited funding, low regard for teacher professional development, and a lack of respect for early-learning professionals." She goes on to analyze the situation, and to suggest some possible strategies to address it.

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