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NMEF Report: Students Feel Unprepared to Use Technology

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, which promotes the integration of student-centered learning at the high-school level throughout New England, has released a new report, Integrating Technology with Student-Centered Learning. The report examines the integration of computer- and web-based tools, applications, and games, as well as video and technology associated with mechanical and electrical engineering, and was prepared by CCT's Dr. Babette Moeller and Tim Reitzes.

Although the report points to evidence that technology has the potential to help expand education beyond traditional boundaries and support key practices of student-centered learning, it also says that 43 percent of high school students feel unprepared to use technology as they look ahead to college and work; only 8 percent of teachers fully integrate technology in the classroom; and many teachers lack confidence in their own technology-related skills.

Download the report or the executive summary

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