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No Kidding

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In the competition to attract and retain subscribers, streaming services are increasing content aimed at young viewers, according to an article in the LA Times. The article, "Streaming Services Aren't Kidding Around as They Compete for Young Viewers," cites HBO's recent acquisiton of first-run Sesame Street episodes as one example of digital streaming services targeting children, whom the article describes as "natural binge-watchers."

CCT researcher Naomi Hupert was asked how the children's progammming market might respond to shifts in kids' viewing habits. "[They're] growing up straddling the computer, tablet and smartphone," she said. "All these technologies are relatively new, and how we see kids use them is still new. It can be sort of overwhelming to think where it can go from here, but we're still in the beginning stages."

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