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NSF Support Goes to Preschool Math

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dr. Ashley Lewis will serve as PI to lead our team, along with partners SRI International and WGBH, on "Next Generation Preschool Math," the latest CCT project to be funded by the National Science Foundation. The three-million-dollar, four-year research and development project will address a critical need to develop a quality early childhood mathematics curriculum, particularly that aimed at low-income students.

Project researchers will develop, test, and refine a curriculum supplement that (1) promotes children's understanding of number (counting, comparing, and ordering) and fair sharing (equipartitioning); (2) uses interactive media on an emerging handheld platform (touch-screen tablets), integrating new multi-touch activities with existing hands-on activities; (3) enhances opportunities for learning with interactive media through shared use with adult guides and peers; and (4) provides professional and technical support materials for preschool educators. The project will investigate if and how engagement with activities in a media-rich curriculum supplement improves low-income preschoolers' early learning of number and equipartitioning.