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P21 report: Today's testing is failing our students

Monday, August 1, 2005

Though the article does not mention CCT directly, it does describe the Partnership for 21st Century Skills report on assessment that was researched and authored by CCT and includes a quote from CCT Director Margaret Honey, who led the research staff on this project.

"At a June 21 press conference to announce the report, Margaret Honey, a special advisor to P21, said testing for the core competencies, for example, is essential, adding that it must be integrated with other testing models to measure 21st century skills."

'Nobody would disagree: Core competencies are essential.' Honey said. 'Kids can't interpret information on the web if they can't read. What we're pushing for in this report-something that we're beginning to see signs of-are different kids of initiatives couple with [the existing system for assessing core competencies], wherein assessment and learning are well-integrated in a thoughtful, successful way.'"