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Presenting our Research, Celebrating the Pre-K Caucus

Thursday, April 14, 2016

At a briefing today at the U.S. Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement—"Using Digital Media to Bring Math Instruction to Early Learners in Homes and Informal Education Settings"—CCT Director Shelley Pasnik will present our Ready To Learn research to policymakers and senior officials. Then, in the evening, Pasnik will be a guest at a reception celebrating the launch of the new Congressional Pre-K caucus.

Congressional representatives from both parties and from across the country have joined to form the Pre-K caucus, bringing members of Congress together to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of early childhood education and to promote policy recommendations to expand Pre-K access for children everywhere. Five of EDC's early childhood education experts have been invited to attend the reception celebrating the launch of this new legislative group.

Besides Shelley Pasnik, EDC's representatives will include Pat Fahey, Kim Netter, Jana Martella, and Nancy Topping-Tailby. "It's good to see Congress come together to acknowedge the importance of early learning and take steps to promote it," says Pasnik. "We're glad to have recognition of EDC's expertise in this area, and hope to be able to assist the caucus in their work."