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Teachers College Press publishes Data-Driven School Improvement, developed in association with CCT

Saturday, March 1, 2008

In 2008, Teachers College Press published a book on using data to support decision-making that grew out of CCT's work on using data to support teaching and learning.

CCT held a conference in the fall of 2005 on "Improving Achievement Through Linking Data and Learning" at the Johnson Foundation's Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, Wisconsin. The conference brought together leading researchers, policymakers, and educators to discuss how to make meaningful use of data to improve student learning and to make informed decisions—a critical issue for those attempting to improve academic achievement. The book grew out of this conference, specifically the ideas, examples, and papers presented over the three-day meeting.

Edited by Ellen B. Mandinach and Margaret Honey, the book featured chapters by EDC's Cornelia Brunner, Naomi Hupert, and Daniel Light.

Some of the book's features included

    • a framework, based on a three-year project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, describing how data are transformed into usable knowledge
    • informative case studies illustrating how schools are using data to inform best practice
    • suggestions for how digital resources can be used to improve teaching in the classroom
    • a thought-provoking treatise on educational reform from the state perspective

Data-Driven School Improvement is part of the Teachers College Press Technology, Education-Connections (TEC) Series. The book was developed in association with EDC's Center for Children and Technology, and is available from Teachers College Press.

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