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Union City, CCT Featured in Spring 2003 Issue of Edutopia

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Edutopia, a publication of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, recently published its Spring 2003 newsletter, which is devoted exclusively to the topic of Systemwide Change. The newsletter includes two articles involving Union City, New Jersey and CCT. In the first article, the issue's cover story, Diane Curtis writes about Union City Public Schools' successful transformation from failing district into model district. In the second article, Fred Carrigg, executive director for academic programs for Union City Public Schools, and Margaret Honey, vice president of EDC and director of CCT, discuss Union City's blueprint for change and how the educational principles and change processes behind Union City's reform approaches can be replicated in other districts.

To download a copy of Edutopia issue, visit the Edutopia Archives.

To read our Web reprint of Fred and Margaret's article discussing Union City's blueprint for success, visit No Miracles Here! in our feature section.

Description from Edutopia

Spring 2003 Issue -- Systemwide Change
The Spring 2003 issue of Edutopia, focuses on systemwide change -- educational reform that isn't restricted to one classroom or one school but that encompasses an entire district or state. Union City, New Jersey, schools experience an impressive turnaround following a well-thought-out infusion of technology, professional development, and high expectations. Former Maine Governor Angus King is vindicated in his against-the-odds push to provide laptop computers for every middle school student. Connecticut benefits from its reform emphasis on teacher quality and pay, and Washington state places a high priority on real-world projects for high school students. Hudson, Massachusetts, students learn that ethics, character, and service are crucial elements of an effective education. And from California to Rhode Island, smaller, more personal schools prove to be a boon to students' academic and social development.

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