Michelle Cerrone

senior research associate

tel: 212-807-4204

Michelle Cerrone’s work focuses on the role of educational technologies in supporting student learning and teacher professional development. She specializes in research methods, survey development, and statistical analysis, which she applies across a range of evaluation, research, and development projects. Her most recent work examines the design of effective tools for educators and learners to promote progressive teaching and learning of STEM in pre-K through middle-school settings.


Michelle serves as the methodologist and project director for Playing with Data, a project that supports middle-grades science teachers in developing data literacy and using game-based formative assessment data to differentiate instruction and enhance student learning. Michelle oversees the Apple New York City ConnectED and the Pre-K ConnectED projects, which both explore promising pedagogical practices for using 1-to-1 technologies tools for progressive teaching and learning in preschool, elementary, and middle-school settings. She also serves as a researcher on Bringing Science Home with PEEP, which used Design Based Implementation Research (DBIR) to engage families with young children in science through joint media engagement. Her previous work has explored teacher professional development across multiple STEM disciplines and contexts, including face-to-face and online.She has coauthored articles and presentations on professional development, early STEM learning, and instrument development, including Constructing Online Communities of Practice.


In 2018, Michelle was selected to participate in the NSF STELAR Fellows program. Michelle received a BS from Cornell University and an MA in Economics and Education from Columbia University.





Cerrone, M. (Jan 2016). "Twitter, Facebook—What's the Difference?"

Post on EDC's Learning and Teaching Divsion blog, summarizing early findings from the NSF-funded TwISLE project, which examined social media use.

Cohen, M., Moeller, B., & Cerrone, M. (Oct 2015). "Constructing Online Communities of Practice."

Published as part of the Occasional Paper Series 1 (34). New York City, NY: Bank Street College of Education.