Elizabeth Hunt



Elizabeth Hunt is a researcher with expertise in children’s educational media and media literacy. She is particularly interested in innovative media that promote engagement and playful learning, the effect of television interstitials on knowledge transfer, and strategies for involving youth in design. At CCT, she advances the goals of Ready to Learn and other projects.

Before joining CCT, Libby was the research manager at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Digital Wellness Lab, where she studied the ieffects of media use on adolescent well-being, problematic media use, and design strategies for healthier media experiences. Her findings on the effects of adolescents’ problematic interactive media use and parental perceptions of the effect of media on adolescent health appear in articles in the Journal of Adolescent Health.  

Libby holds a BA in English Literature from Wheaton College, and an MA in Child Study and Human Development with a focus on media and technology from Tufts University.