Dream, Save, Do
2015 to 2018

CCT has served as the evaluation partner for Sesame Workshop’s program, Dream, Save, Do: Financial Empowerment for Families, in six countries. Dream, Save, Do is a multimedia global financial empowerment initiative targeting young children ages 3–8 and their families with key messages designed to work across multiple countries while addressing the specific needs of each. The first four countries to launch the initiative were Brazil, China, India, and Mexico, followed by Chile and Bangladesh. Working in collaboration with local research partners, we first conducted in-depth, small-scale qualitative studies focused on the emerging program in each country, and are currently conducting a quantitative component to begin to look at the measurable impacts of the program on children and their caregivers

The dual goals of the evaluation were (1) to guide specific program improvements and refinements as each country expanded its program, and (2) to communicate the impact of individual programs to stakeholders, such as early childhood educators and decision makers. 


Alexia Raynal