Finding Our Way Around
2016 to 2017

Finding Our Way Around is a research and development collaboration between EDC|CCT and SRI (the research team) and media developers from WGBH. The project, funded by the Heising-Simon Foundation, aims to create a suite of tablet-based games and activities that promote preschool children’s understanding of spatial concepts and reasoning, ultimately preparing them for success in kindergarten and beyond. Through creating digitally enhanced activities, along with hands-on caregiver and child co-engagement activities, this project also supports caregivers in their ability to mathematize events in daily life.

During the development of these materials, the research team will conduct formative testing to inform their final development and will conclude the project with a pilot study involving preschool children and their caregivers. By building on the success of our earlier Next Generation Preschool Math project, Finding Our Way Around seeks to promote caregiver confidence and ability to engage in informal learning events around spatial thinking outside of the school environment and in everyday experiences—ultimately improving preschool children’s spatial thinking.