Google Code Next Evaluation
2016 to 2023

CCT is the research and evaluation partner for Google’s Code Next program.  Code Next is an outside-of-school-time initiative that seeks to develop the next generation of Black and Latinx coders and digital makers by identifying and engaging interested 9th- through 12th-grade students from those communities in becoming coders and digital makers. The program, which is implemented in two large urban sites—New York City and Oakland, California—encourages them along the path to pursuing college and careers in computer science and related fields.

Based on the research about the STEM pipeline, Code Next is designed to support a CS pathway for Black and Latinx youth through two critical axes: (1) building solid skills and confidence in their coding knowledge, and (2) developing strong identity as a "coder" and their sense of belonging to the broader tech community. In our work with Code Next, we have begun to explore the role of tech social capital in bringing Black and Latinx youth into the tech community and keeping them on the path to college and careers in the field. There are many ways that Code Next is specifically supporting the evolution of tech social capital for Black and Latinx youth of all genders that will help them navigate their path to a successful future in the tech world.


Vanora Thomas