LEARNS Online Tutor Training Manual Instructional Design Project
2003 to 2004

CCT designed a website that offers training to volunteer adult literacy tutors using content developed largely by the LEARNS partners. The site guides volunteer tutors through a series of interactive experiences that help them understand the kinds of skills, strategies, materials, and resources required to become a successful tutor. The interactive modules provide brief scenarios that allow the tutors to try out different teaching strategies within a simulated tutoring context. Their actions are then played out and result in consequences for both the tutor and the student being tutored, and these consequences are illustrated through simulated 'comments' made by a teacher, and through simulated 'reflections' made by the tutor after he or she has reflected on the outcome of the scenario. The modules are embedded in the content provided by LEARNS and illustrate key issues that are considered particularly relevant to the tutoring process.

Project Website:


Cornelia Brunner (PI)