Lincoln Center Institute Teacher Education Collaborative Research Project

Lincoln Center Institute's Teacher Education Collaborative (TEC) seeks to integrate aesthetic education into teacher preparation programs in order to ensure that the arts and imagination will assume an essential place in the education of all children. As a partnership between schools of education and the Institute, the Teacher Education Collaborative works directly with college faculty, students, and administrators to integrate the experiential study of works of art into teacher preparation programs.

CCT coordinated and conducted research related to the program, working with LCI Program Development Director Madeleine Holzer and the faculty from LCI's eight Teacher Education Collaborative (TEC) campuses. CCT consulted with faculty from the TECs on individual research projects, assisted the director in developing proposals for major conferences, conducted research discussions for TEC faculty during the LCI Summer Session, advised LCI regarding national changes and trends within research design, reviewed results from ongoing research conducted for LCI, and submitted a report for discussion with TEC faculty pointing to new research ideas for the current academic year. CCT also consulted with LCI Executive Director on the creation of a new research and development center as part of the LCI long range plan, and delivered a first draft of an annual research report and research plan for TEC.


Terry Baker (PI)