Mission US
2009 to 2016

CCT has been the evaluation partner for Mission US, an ongoing educational video game collaboration among managing partner WNET/Channel Thirteen (NYC public television), the American Social History Project at CUNY, and game developers Electric Funstuff. Over the next several years, the project will develop four Web-based American history video games and accompanying pedagogical supports for middle-school history classes. CCT researchers have conducted two rounds of classroom-based implementation studies on Mission US: For Crown or Colony?, the first game in the series, which addresses the political tensions in colonial Boston in the years before the American Revolution. The two studies included more than 20 public, private, and parochial middle-school teachers and approximately 850 students in 4 states, including two one-room schoolhouses in rural Montana. To learn more about the administrative, technology infrastructure, and professional development support teachers will require to use these history video games in their classrooms, the studies focused on how teachers integrated the game and classroom materials into their ordinary practices. CCT will continue to conduct formative evaluation as the partnership develops the remaining games in the series.


Jim Diamond
Marion Goldstein