New Mexico Online Leadership Academy Project
1999 to 2000

The New Mexico Virtual Learning Communities project, funded by the Milken Family Fund, is a pilot effort to address the professional development needs of administrators interested in implementing new technologies into school and across district. Designed in collaboration with the New Mexico State Department of Education and the Milken Family Fund, the project is developing a series of online seminars that provide administrators from all parts of the state with a discussion forum to share insights about implementation challenges. Online tools are being used as the primary mode of communication among all participants.

CCT designed the online environment and its content, as well as facilitated the online discussions. CCT collaborated with experienced New Mexican educators who have worked successfully with technology and in a professional development capacity. These educators form the project's facilitator team, responsible for facilitating as well as contributing to the content of the online seminars among groups of administrators organized by region. In addition, facilitators incorporate other means of contact with their regional administrators, including in-person meetings as well as phone and private email contact.


Margaret Honey (PI)