New York Philharmonic
2014 to 2016

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra engaged CCT in research and media design aimed at making their celebrated "Young People's Concerts" (made famous by Leonard Bernstein) digitally available to elementary grades students and teachers in a set of playful, participatory music-reading and music-making web-based activities. 

Over the past two years, EDC instructional designers helped to translate Philharmonic in-school workshops and Young People’s Concerts into interactive online lessons for students in grades 3­–6. CCT conducted an environmental scan of peer music education sites, interviewed New York Philharmonic teaching artists about their pedagogy and practice, designed and tested a set of digital learning activities in the classroom, and prepared a set of curriculum documents and media wireframes outlining requirements for digital classroom application.

The website, Young People’s Concerts Play!, was officially released in November 2016. The website features live-streaming of the concerts, accompanied by various interactive activities, video-based singing and listening activities, and a music composition game called “Variation Playground,” which are all aimed at deepening kids’ skills in listening and responding to great works of music. The first releases include Britten’s The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.