2015 to 2017

CCT serves as research partner with WGBH for the National Science Foundation AISL project PLUM Rx. This is a mobile accessible, digital media research design project that will create innovative opportunities to bring environmental science learning to the hard-to-reach audience of urban families. Drawing on previous evaluations of PLUM Landing, as well as on CCT's and WGBH's past and ongoing partnerships, to develop curricular programs for young learners that make use of transmedia, CCT is engaging with WGBH and three urban outdoor prescription programs in order to

  1. develop a new pathway for bringing active environmental science exploration to urban families; 
  2. expand PLUM Landing's media assets to support urban families and informal educators when engaging in environmental science activities; and
  3. inform the field about the institutional circumstances and educator practices that support effective integration of digital media and science activities to spark and sustain urban families' exploration of core environmental science concepts in natural environments.


Marion Goldstein (PI)
Elizabeth Pierson