Ready to Learn Summative Evaluation
2006 to 2010

The Ready to Learn Initiative is producing and distributing educational video programming and curricula for children ages 2-8, their parents, and educators, acknowledging that children's literacy is strengthened when they are surrounded by an abundance of opportunities to practice and reinforce specific skills. The programming and curricula target low-income children and families, use scientifically based reading research to inform reading instruction techniques and age-appropriateness of academic content, and employ new technologies to ensure the programming reaches a wide audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To ensure the effectiveness of the Initiative, CCT has teamed with SRI International to lead a multi-year series of efficacy studies to chart the program's implementation and identify strengths, best practices, and areas of improvement.

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Lauren Bates
Cornelia Brunner
Francisco Cervantes
Jennifer Schindel
Eve Townsend