Ready To Learn—Year 5
2014 to 2015

Researchers at EDC|CCT are beginning their final year as summative evaluators for the five-year CPB/PBS Ready To Learn initiative. This initiative, supported by the US Department of Education, in collaboration with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), has developed transmedia learning resources to support preschool learning in literacy and mathematics, with a focus on children in high-need communities.

In collaboration with SRI Education, we are undertaking several tasks as part of the fifth year of evaluation activities.  Researchers will conduct a descriptive field study—a PEG+CAT Home Study of home engagement with PEG+CAT resources, including over 260 families and spanning 12 weeks in the New York City and San Francisco Bay areas. This study will provide insights into family and child use of videos, apps, web-based games, and hands-on materials outside of formal and informal learning environments. In addition, researchers will work with public television station education programs to support program implementation and evaluation, will support the dissemination of the Home Study intervention to public television stations and their partners, and will produce a reflective report that brings together current research on early learning and digital media. 

Our Ready To Learn project website summarizes all our research work on this initiative from 2006 until the present.



Marion Goldstein
Jaime Gutierrez
Elizabeth Pierson
Alexia Raynal
Bronwyn Taggart