Blog Posts & Publications

In addition to conveying the findings of our Ready To Learn studies in reports and at conferences, we have written about this work on blogs for nationally recognized early childhood and educational media organizations and in articles for peer-reviewed research journals.

Blog Posts

For the Love of Routines—and Research (2/24/15)

This post, for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center's blog, examines the connection between family routines and children's developing creativity.

Six Questions for the EdTech Field to Think About When Designing for the 0 to 8 Set (6/17/14)

This blog post emphasizes the need to create equitable learning opportunities so that all children have a chance to flourish, and outlines key questions to focus this effort.

Study Shows Tech in the Classroom Boosts Math Skills for Youngest Learners (11/12/13)

This blog post gives an overview of the RCT we did in 92 low-income preK classrooms, which found that children learn significantly more math and teachers express greater comfort with technology and confidence in their math teaching when they are supported in the integration of technology and media in their classrooms.


Early Childhood Research Quarterly (ECRQ) 2012

This paper reports on a study investigating whether a curriculum supplement organized as a sequence of teacher-led literacy activities using digital content from public educational television programs can improve early literacy outcomes of low-income preschoolers. Positive outcomes were found on children's ability to recognize letters, sounds of letters and initial sounds of words, and on children's concepts of story and print.

International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2010

This paper reports on a study that explored the impact of a curriculum integrating hands-on activities with digital content from two public television shows aimed at introducing preschoolers to science. Results indicated that the science curriculum had a positive impact on caregivers’ reports of children's talk about science, and suggests the potential for this and other media-rich curricula to introduce preschoolers to science.


What Works Clearinghouse

This is an overview of the literacy randomized controlled trial written about in the ECRQ paper, above, and gives the approval of the Institute of Education Sciences’ What Works Clearinghouse.