Be a Scientist!
2010 to 2016

'Be a Scientist!' examines the impact of a scalable, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) after-school program that trains engineers to develop and teach inquiry-based Family Science Workshops (FSWs) in underserved communities. The project targets underserved youth in grades 1-5, their parents, and engineering professionals in Los Angeles and New York. The science activities are provided in a series of FSWs which take place in after-school programs in eight partner schools in Los Angeles and at the New York Hall of Science in New York City. The FSWs are taught by undergraduate and graduate engineering students, with support from practicing engineers who serve as mentors. EDC is conducting an evaluation of the project that addresses the following questions: (1) Are activities such as recruitment, training, and FSWs aligned with the project's goals? (2) What is the impact on families' interest in and understanding of science? (3) What is the impact on engineers' communication skills and perspectives about their work? (4) Is the project scalable and able to produce effective technology tools and develop long-term partnerships with schools?


Loulou Bangura Momoh