Building the Foundation for Noyce Master Teaching Fellowships in Mathematics
2021 to 2022

CCT is serving as the external evaluator of a year-long capacity-building effort by Bank Street College of Education, funded by the Robert Noyce program at the National Science Foundation. Bank Street will work to develop an online Master Teaching Fellowship (MTF) program that will increase the teaching and leadership capacity of exemplary elementary, middle school, and high school math teachers in New York City, positioning them for leadership roles and a lasting impact in the field.

Objectives and methods of this project include: (1) conducting a needs assessment to inform the design of an MTF; (2) solidifying program design and finalizing the offerings; (3) pilot-testing recruitment strategies and potentially recruiting a first cohort of participants with an emphasis on engaging people of color; (4) building partnerships with high-need school districts and professional learning organizations; and (5) securing matching funds to qualify for submission of the Track 3 proposal in 2022.