Children’s Aid Society 21st-Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation
2000 to 2002

The Children's Aid Society's 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant supports and extends a variety of services and activities at after-school programs in six community schools in New York City's District 6. The project promotes a holistic approach to youth development and academic achievement that recognizes the unique challenges facing the students of the district -- cultural isolation, violence, substance abuse, lack of structured activities during non school hours and lack of human services for community residents. It attempts to overcome those hurdles by addressing basic needs, cultural barriers and special populations, focusing on pro-social behavior, encouraging community ownership of the schools, and advancing best practices.

In addition to collecting data regarding student performance on standardized tests and other measures for the grant's annual performance report, CCT engaged in qualitative evaluation research focusing on the impact participation in the after-school programs have on children, as perceived by parents, teachers, and the children themselves.


Laura Jeffers (PI)
Andres Henriquez
Martha Rodriguez