Ciber@prendiz Evaluation
2002 to 2003

Ciber@prendiz: Internet Applications for Learning (Aplicaciones de Internet para el Aprendizaje Educativo) is a curriculum- and technology-based teacher professional development pilot project sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank. This project, which ran from March 2002 through October 2003, focused on training educators from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru in the use of 'unique and compelling' applications of the Internet in their classrooms and the integration of these resources into their existing local curricula.

CCT evaluated the implementation of the pilot project, in which teams of teachers from the three countries explored the meaningful and effective use of technology to increase student engagement, motivation, and achievement in science, mathematics, and other subjects.

Through the project, the collaborators—organizations based in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and the United States—hope to create the necessary infrastructure and partnerships for a larger-scale teacher training and systemic reform program that can have widespread and long-term impact on science and mathematics achievement, teacher content knowledge, use of innovative instructional strategies, and effective use of technology in the classroom. The project also sought to demonstrate the value of Internet-based resources to augment scarce textbooks and classroom materials; strengthen teacher content knowledge in science, mathematics, and other core subjects; promote project-based, inquiry-oriented pedagogical approaches; and make science and mathematics immediate, relevant, and accessible to students through innovative and technology-supported, real-world-oriented curriculum materials. The initiative also sought to foster ongoing cooperation and collaboration between K-12 educators and faculty from local universities and Latin American scientific and research institutions and to adapt materials and curriculum resources so that they are linguistically and culturally appropriate for implementation in Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador.


Daniel Light (PI)
Helga Perez