Crime Scene IT Project Evaluation
2007 to 2009

CCT evaluated Crime Scene IT (CSIT), the New York Hall of Science's (NYHS) initiative to develop hands-on forensic science 'mysteries' that encourage middle- and high school students to use digital tools to gather data and analyze evidence. CSIT provides lesson plans, portable technology labs and intensive training for teachers in New York City to bring CSIT into their classrooms. Each mystery module integrates IT skill development and higher-order thinking skills with science curricula. The evaluation focused on four questions:

  1. What do teachers get out of training?
  2. What happens when the units are taught in classrooms?
  3. What do students learn?
  4. Does teachers practice change as a result oftheir CSIT experience, and if so, what contributes to that change?

The evaluation team used several research methods to answer these questions, including teacher surveys (pre and post), observations of professional development, in-depth interviews with teachers and students, and classroom observations.


Laura Jeffers (PI)