dot-EDU Leader: KidSmart Latin American Virtual Community Pilot

Through the USAID dot.EDU initiative, CCT conducted a two-day working session with IBM-Peru and the Centro Peruano de Audicion y Aprendizaje (CPAL) to provide technical assistance and design support for the pilot of the KidSmart Latin American Virtual Community. The objective of the virtual community--developed by IBM for KidSmart teachers in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile--is to share best practices, provide ongoing training for educators, and provide initial support on technology integration for preservice teachers.

CCT sent a team of four experts on web design, early childhood education, and technology integration to Lima for a two-day work with the local project staff from CPAL and IBM. The expert workshops addressed a number of topics, including defining the targeted community (needs, concerns and abilities); design of the online space; online supports for developing community; and face-to-face activities to support the community.


Daniel Light (PI)
John Parris
Luz Rivas