The Ecologies of Childrens Computing: Investigating the Use of Technology Across Multiple Settings
2002 to 2005

In this two-year, NSF-funded reseach project, CCT investigated how technology access and instruction in school interacts with disadvantaged children's understanding and use of technology outside the classroom, both at home and in other out-of-school settings.

To conduct this research, CCT followed 36 young people from two middle schools during their seventh- and eighth-grade years of school. CCT researchers used surveys, interviews and structured observations to track participants' use of, engagement with, and knowledge about technology as it develops and changes over the course of the project.

This research has helped CCT chart how multiple social settings influence young people's understandings of and uses of digital technologies.


Katherine Culp (PI)
Harouna Ba (PI)
Katherine Culp
Andrew Gersick
Hannah Nudell