eMINTS Program Evaluation
2006 to 2009

The Enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies (eMINTS) National Center, an independent unit of the University of Missouri system, has asked CCT to conduct an external evaluation of its professional development program. The eMINTS program began as a statewide initiative in 1997 and has recently expanded into multi-state and national implementation now reaching educators in Missouri, Utah, Maine, Illinois, and Nevada. The programs emphasizes hands-on experiences to promote teaching using student-centered methods powered by technology. The program helps participants become catalysts for change in their educational system through team-based planning, professional development, and on-site support provided by eMINTS staff. CCT will work closely with eMINTS staff to develop a set of qualitative and quantitative instruments to probe the statewide and national implementations for both formative and summative program improvement purposes as well as accountability requirements.


Margaret Honey (PI)
Katherine Culp (PI)
Peggy Clements
Katherine Culp
Merav Dechaume
Scott Strother
Tara Weatherholt