Global Kids: Playing 4 Keeps Evaluation
2005 to 2008

Global Kids asked CCT to serve as the program evaluator and Global Kids' formative research partner for the Playing 4 Keeps program. Global Kids have developed an innovative curriculum for engaging traditionally underserved youth in the development and dissemination of online games, called Playing 4 Keeps (P4K). The P4K games are designed by the program's youth participants to educate their peers around the world about important social issues. In 2002-2003, Global Kids launched the program, training a cohort of 20 New York City youth, who developed a prototype online game about profiling in airports. In expanding the program, Global Kids conducts P4K annually as an after-school program, enabling the students involved to publish one web-based game each year. The first year topic was education in Haiti (The Cost of Life). As the evaluator, CCT examined how the P4K after-school program influence participants' attitudes about themselves, game design and civic literacy; what youth game players learn from the Playing 4 Keeps games; and in what ways educators use the game to promote student learning. CCT developed and administered pre- and post-surveys and game data collection instruments, as well as conducted observations as part of the research.