Harvard WIDE Evaluation
2005 to 2008

WIDE World, a K-12 professional development program based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, asked CCT to conduct an evaluation of the program's online course offerings. CCT developed independent measures for ongoing assessments across courses offered by WIDE World, including the following: Critical Incident Technique (CIT) protocol, a method to gather structured, open-ended data about an incident that stands out in students' minds as a critical moment of learning, understanding or recognition. The CIT was administered as part of WIDE's midterm and final course surveys. Scenario-based assessment tool, a measure to assess the extent to which students have integrated the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) theoretical framework of WIDE into practice, regardless of the specific content of the course. The ability to match assessment with instruction is one of the most challenging aspects of professional development. These instruments offer an opportunity to document whether WIDE courses prepare learners to meet this challenge.


Cornelia Brunner (PI)
Cornelia Brunner
Luz Rivas