ICED: I Can End Deportation Game Evaluation

Developed by Breakthrough Games, ICED ('I Can End Deportation') is a single-player, downloadable video game that explores immigration challenges facing an immigrant teen living in an urban setting. As they traverse the city, players confront a series of ethical dilemmas that reflect the tenuous position immigrants occupy in American society. These dilemmas require players to decide between 'civic-minded choices' and 'remaining quiet' in order to avoid engagement with the law. Through the game, players learn facts about U.S. immigration policy through mini Fact/Myth quizzes as they try to avoid the scrutiny of immigration authorities and possible deportation while seeking an opportunity to achieve citizenship. CCT is conducting an evaluation of the game, examining how much young people's understanding of immigrant choices and of U.S. immigration policies and detention and deportation practices changes before and after they play the game.


Melissa Burns (PI)
Jim Diamond