New Mexico Reading First Initiative Evaluation
2003 to 2008

CCT is evaluating New Mexico's statewide implementation of the Reading First program, the literacy component of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The primary goal of the New Mexico Reading First (NMRF) initiative is to improve students' literacy skills by changing how teachers address literacy in grades K-3. New Mexico hopes to improve student achievement in literacy through providing intensive professional development to teachers, helping districts select quality reading programs and materials, engaging in ongoing assessment and ensuring curriculum coherence across grade levels. In our evaluations of the program, CCT is examining student impact quantitatively through student achievement and assessment data, Special Education referral, and English Language Learner exit rates. We are also providing feedback on the program's implementation at various levels, using observations of classroom instruction and professional development activities; interviews with teachers, staff developers and administrators; and reviews of initiative documentation regarding literacy and teacher preparation.


Lauren Bates
Nyema Branch
Cricket Heinze
Helga Perez
Simon Shulman