The Noyce Adelphi STEAM Pipeline (ASP): Preparing Next Gen Science Teachers
2019 to 2024

Adelphi University, in partnership with Mineola Public Schools and New York City Department of Education/Queens High School for Teaching, Global Kids, and Operation SPLASH’ NOYCE program, will recruit, support and prepare science teachers as part of a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program funded by the National Science Foundation. The Noyce Adelphi STEAM Pipeline (ASP): Preparing Next Gen Science Teachers project encompasses a number of design features that embrace a STEAM (STEM + Art and Design) approach for effective engagement and instruction across the disciplines, including (1) internship experiences supporting informal STEM/STEAM learning, (2) mentor and induction support through Scholar Learning Communities, (3) unique coursework to support deeper understandings of STEAM practices and approaches to support the teaching and learning of the Next Generation Science Standards in grades 7–12 classrooms, and (4) a financially-supported teacher interest/recruitment program to support potential candidates to explore the science teaching profession. EDC is serving as the external evaluator, conducting process and summative evaluation research. As part of the evaluation, EDC will (1) monitor activities to ensure that they are meeting intended recruitment, retention, and graduation goals, (2) gather evidence to determine the effectiveness of Adelphi Noyce graduates as teachers, and (3) document what role art and design play in engaging students in STEM learning.